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ProductNr r58y5519
Dev. / Publ. ponycanyon

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The player must attempt to hack into the Magma, Ltd. computer system at the beginning of the game by guessing the logon password.
Access can be gained if the player knows the password, which really only ever becomes apparent to the player after gaining access, through another means of entry, to the later stage of the game.
Typing help or h in the command line would give a clue as to what the valid password is.
Since initial attempts at entry would consist of guessing (and likely failing) access would eventually be granted to the player due a malfunction in the security system, thus allowing the player entry.
Once admittance has been made, the player is then asked to identify various parts of a robot unit, by pointing the cursor at the relevant parts and pressing the fire button. Most parts of the unit have exotic and technical names, such as "asynchronous data compactor" or "phlamson joint"

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MSX Rating

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